Including: Mould & odour treatment, how it works and how long it takes

What is Ozone?

Goods that spend a long time in transit can arrive with mould or strong odours such as glue and diesel. Ozone is a process conducted in a hermetically sealed area where merchandise is exposed to ozone particles that destroy the active spores that manufacture mould and odours. The products are then treated and cleaned with 2 stages of MicroFresh before repacking into new materials.

Read our Debenhams case study.

How it works

Generators pull oxygen through an electrical field, separating it into individual atoms and reforming into ozone. The ozone molecule attaches itself to mould and odours and eliminates the cells within those organic matters.

Moda in pelle

“We usedlol竞猜平台 for several styles that sadly were packed into containers with high humidity resulting in mould issue on the shoes. After extensive testing, the stock was sent to Synergy where it was ozone-treated and cleaned with two stages of Micro-Fresh. I’m happy to say the process worked and the merchandise was sold at full price. The Synergy team were helpful, efficient and a pleasure to deal with. I’d happily recommend them.”

Stephen Buck, Owner, Moda In Pelle

How long does it take?

The process itself takes 3-4 hours and we can run up to 3 cycles per day. If your products only have odour issues, we can use a much simpler process and provide much faster turnarounds.

Is it safe?

Absolutely, ozone only targets living organic matter, your products will be completely untouched, our technicians all wear suitable PPE in our treatment area and after treatment the system automatically destroys any remaining ozone in the area.

Read our Debenhams case study.


“We have been using Synergy for over 10 years for remedial services on our products. They have been able to help with a range of projects including various levels of mould which have been resolved by Ozone, ensuring mould spores are killed and any regrowth stopped. Synergy always provides a high standard of work therefore we would happily recommend Synergy for their Ozone mould treatment services.”

Nadine Stride, Senior Technologist, OFFICE shoes